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Do I qualify for a loan?

Can you answer yes to all these questions?

  • Are you at least 18 years or older, living in Northeast Ohio, with a valid Ohio driver's license?

    • The longer you've lived at the same address, the better!

  • Do you earn at least $1,500.00 per month?

    • The longer you've worked at the same job, the better!

    • Your Job is your Credit!

  • Do you have full coverage auto insurance?

    • Progressive, Nationwide, Grange, and Westfield are also Ohio companies!

  • Do you have a reasonable Down-Payment?

    • A larger Down-Payment can help offset a Poor Credit Score!

  • Do you want to Build or Re-build your credit?

    • That's what we want to hear!

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NO OBLIGATION: You are never under any obligation to purchase. Loan Approvals are valid for 30 days at any of our Affiliated Dealerships. Limit one application per person per 6 month time period.

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